Thursday 2 February 2012

ARM CEO expects Windows 8 to beat Android in tablets race.

This year is going to be an exciting one for tablet enthusiasts and Microsoft is also equally excited about them. The upcoming Windows 8 is unique for a number of reasons. Firstly, there’s a big shift in the way it works and the user interacts with it. It’s being built for both the traditional desktop user and also for tablets. On the tablets front, there are the Intel hardware powered tablets on the x86 platform and then there’s the majority of tablets in the market today apart from Apple’s iPad - Android powered ones - running on the ARM architecture. CNET has a news story talking about ARM CEO, Warren East speaking at an earnings announcement about Microsoft’s upcoming platform.

He said that many consumers were familiar with the Windows platform, more than they were with Android. There’s a clear advantage that Microsoft has over its competition. He said he would wait to see how Microsoft would take advantage of this. He also spoke about Android tablets not having taken off the way they were expected to, when they were launched. He also suggested giving Android tablets more time and they would pick up pace. He gave the example of Android smartphones which have taken off in a big way. They didn’t do well in the beginning, but are now selling roughly 7,00,000 units a day. Android tablets might just follow the same pattern.

Lastly, he spoke about their competition - Intel. He said that Intel had a lot of work to do in the smartphone and tablet space. Intel has been working on platforms that should help break them through into the smartphone and tablet domain. He said that Intel had no traction, whereas ARM, had roughly 7,00,000 units smartphones being enabled each day. Developers were also on ARM’s side, with so many of them working on ARM optimized apps. So in many ways, Intel has a number of obstacles before it can make it big in this space.

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