Friday 9 December 2011

Senseg develops 'Feel Screen', the next step in mobile displays.

We progressed from tiny monochrome displays, to colour, to high resolution, to even different types like OLED and transparent displays, so which way do we go next? How about a new type of touchscreen that will let you feel the texture of the image being displayed? Senseg, a Finnish company have developed a prototype touchscreen, which could arrive as early as next year that could be the next big thing for mobile phones.

Dubbed as the ‘feel screen’, it allows the user to feel the texture of the image on the screen. This is achieved by creating an electrostatic field, which the finger can sense instead of a mechanical vibration effect used by traditional haptic displays. Senseg uses their proprietary ‘Tixel’ charge driver that creates a small attractive force to the skin of you finger. Then, by modulating this force, they can simulate a variety of sensations.

Since 3D failed to take off in a big way on mobile devices, this new dimension may just be what the doctor ordered. Imagine being able to feel the keys on a virtual keyboard as if you were actually typing on one or this could be the first time the blind can use Braille on a regular phone. While this technology could be with us as early as next year, we doubt we’ll be seeing it working on phones, till 2013, that’s unless Apple doesn’t buy out the company, till then.

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