Friday, 30 December 2011

Taiwan PC makers invited to be in-line for Aakash-2 bidding.

Aakash tablet, the world's most affordable tablet flew off shelves, soon after it went up for sale. With such amazing numbers, the government has high hopes from the next-in-line, Aakash-2 tablet, which can be expected to be unveiled by either January or February, 2012. News has it that the Indian government wants nothing short of best to go into the making of the Aakash-2, and for that it has some grand plans. DigiTimes reports that the Indian government has invited PC manufacturers from Taiwan to participate in the bidding for Aakash-2 tablet. The international bidding for the tablet, which was originally scheduled to take place in December, may be pushed to January, next year, according to reports.

Needless to add, with manufacturing expertise from Taiwan coming at the disposal of the Indian government, keeping the prices of the tablet at a consistent low of $35 will be possible. The report further reveals that the government's plans about the Aakash-2 are ambitious, to say the least. While Aakash managed to reach some 8,000 students for trial use, the government plans to ship some 230 million units of the Aakash-2 tablet in the years to come.

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