Monday, 19 December 2011

Google gets into holiday mood, lets it snow!

Google has gotten into the holiday mood. With Christmas just around the corner, Google’s got some holiday cheer onto their website. All you need to do is search Google for ‘let it snow’ and your screen will transform into a mini window that shows snowflakes falling. After a few seconds, the window frosts up and you can make doodles and caricatures on your screen with the mouse. It’s not the easiest thing to create a frosty message on a white background, but here’s a try from the best minds on our team.

The effect is something reminiscent of drawing doodles on a frosted window with your finger and though we’d have loved a darker background, it’s a pretty cool effect, nonetheless. So Google’s got into the holiday mood, and it’s good to see them trying their bit to get all of us into the holiday spirit.

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