Sunday 25 December 2011

Nokia brings back Snake this Xmas season.

Remember that classic game, Snake? The game that got many of us hooked to our old Nokia mobile phones, which we played day and night. For most of you out there, memories of this game bring back some nostalgic moments and we certainly wondered why Nokia decided to phase it out. This Christmas season, however Nokia has decided to bring it back via an app on their Facebook page.

The game is a lot more colourful, than it was back then. Instead of eating rodents, the snake now eats Xmas gifts. For those who had missed out on the game, which featured on virtually all Nokia phones before, the game allowed the player to maneuver a snake by pressing four navigational buttons. The aim of this game was to eat as many rodents as possible, without accidentally touching the four walls or biting a part of the snake. In the Facebook iteration of the game, it features the new tile look, which Nokia uses now. With this version, the colourful snake goes on to gobble on Christmas gifts. Like the old version, one cannot accidentally hit the wall or eat a part of the snake.

This is a festive app and once you accidentally lose the game, you can quickly start over. You can also share your score with your friends on Facebook or challenge friends to a game. One however, would need to have Adobe Flash installed on their PC to play it. This game, as mentioned before is highly addictive. One does not need to log in to Facebook to play it. Go ahead and click the link here to play this classic game.

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