Monday, 19 December 2011

Pronunciator: Effective Way To Learn Different Languages Online For Free.

Learning more than one language is always a plus for any individual. A majority of people nowadays speak more than one language, one being the mother tongue and the other one being the spoken language in the region they live in. The Internet has became a major source of knowledge and if you are looking for a simple and easy way to learn any other language, you should give Pronunciator a try.

Pronunciator helps users learn more than 60 different languages without paying a single penny. The website contains audio samples and pronunciation audios to help users improve their speaking skills. To get started, just select the language you speak and the one you want to learn. It will display different lessons categorized by topics and levels (difficulty), and show you all the things you need to effectively learn any foreign language. Users can even take quizzes to test whether their skills. However, for that you must sign up for an account and track their scores, manage progress and get certificates of language proficiency.


1.> Free and easy to use.
2.> Learn more than 60 languages online.
3.> Different difficulty levels.
4.> Take quizzes and track scores.
5.> Audio pronunciation tracks to improve speaking abilities.

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