Saturday, 17 December 2011

New Android App lets you organize your computer remotely.

Wyse Technology have got a new Android app, the PocketCloud Explore that lets users remotely control their Macs and PCs. The application allows users to search, view and organize files on up to two remote computers from their Android device. So, it basically allows you to sync your data without paying up for a cloud storage service. Remote files can be opened and viewed on the phone itself and the phone supports unlimited video, photo, audio and file transfers. Users can also upload their pictures to their desktop without attaching any cable. File management is possible in the form of creating, renaming and deleting folders and documents.

So, if you’re searching for that long lost presentatation that you require ‘urgently’, all you need to do is hit the search button on the app and all your data on your computer can be managed. The setup is quite easy. The app needs to be simply installed on to the computer and users can sign-in with their Gmail account. It’s a paid application and costs Rs.53 on the Android market. It’s categorized under productivity and supports a majority of smartphones with support for version 2.1 and up. Here’s a video of how the PocketCloud Explore applications works.

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