Thursday, 15 December 2011

Google Chrome 16 launches, introduces 'Signing in to Chrome' feature.

Google’s Chrome browser has reached its next milestone - version 16. Apart from the usual maintenance stuff, a major feature called ‘Signing in to Chrome’ has been added. The feature allows you to sign-in with your Google account and save your browser settings, history, extensions and history on the cloud, so you can sync them with other Chrome installations. Users can create separate accounts on the Chrome browser as well now, so each one can have separate preferences and bookmarks. Users can add new accounts by heading into the Options menu and into the Personal Stuff sub-section. Complete details of the new 'Signing in to Chrome' feature can be found on Google’s site.

Google Chrome has recently crossed Firefox as being the second most used browser around. Internet Explorer still has the lead, but that lead is expected to shrink in the months to come. Google Chrome is the newest browser around - it was launched in early 2008. A recent report by Accuvant states that it’s also the most secure browser around. There has been some speculation on how unbiased the report might have been, considering it was funded by Google.

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