Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Add-On Recovery Tool: Recover Disappeared Addons In Firefox 7.

Recently, Mozilla released Firefox 7 which caused trouble for many Firefox users including me. After updating to the latest version of Firefox, all the add-ons just disappeared from the Add-ons Manager. This is a bug with the latest Firefox version which was acknowledged by Mozilla and a new version will be released. But if you don’t want to wait, you can recover all of the disappeared add-ons thanks to the Add-on Recovery Tool.

With the Add-on Recovery Tool, users can easily recover all of the add-ons that disappeared from Firefox’s Add-ons manager. All you have to do is install the extension from Mozilla’s add-on repository. Once installed, just restart Firefox to complete the recovery process. After recovering all of the add-ons, the tool will remove itself automatically.


1.> Easy to install.
2.> Recover disappeared add-ons.

Check out Add-on Recovery Tool from here @

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