Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Mindbloom: A Simple Online Game To Help You Improve Your Lifestyle.

Mindbloom is a one of its kind online game which, rather than wasting your time, improves your quality of life by rewarding you for doing things that matter in your life. The main idea behind Mindbloom is to make you think what’s important in your life and what’s not, discover inspiring things, what motivates you and in the end, take meaningful action to make your life better.

To get started, all you have to do is select what is important to you from a list provided and it will guide you through the rest of the registration process. Once registered, you will be able to see your life grow as a tree whose growth depends on the decisions you make. It contains a huge inspiration gallery which contains image, quotes and music shared by other members. You can customize the inspirational things it shows by selecting a specific life which matters to you the most such as health, creativity, career and more.
You can even schedule actions using Mindbloom that can have a significant impact on your life and once they are done, you tree will grow. It will also show you daily tasks that you should complete in order to improve the quality of life. Every time you complete any task, you get seeds which counts as experience to help you level up and buy upgrades from the Marketplace. If you want, you can even invite and add your friends to Mindbloom.


1.> A user-friendly web application.
2.> Discover what is important for you.
3.> Take necessary steps to improve your quality of life.
4.> Schedule and complete daily tasks to level up.
5.> Connect different social networks (Facebook, Twitter and more).

Check out Mindbloom from here @ www.mindbloom.com

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