Wednesday 28 December 2011

SiteSimon: Discover Interesting Online Content By Letting It Find You.

With an increasing number of websites, webpages, and blog posts, it is not easy to find online content that you will find interesting. Here to help you by letting the interesting content find you is a web service called SiteSimon.

SiteSimon is a web service that fetches online content based on your interests. Your interests are determined by your browsing history. You start using the site by visiting its homepage, creating an account on the site, and installing its extension for Google Chrome. Your Chrome history is then analyzed by the site and you are shown interesting online content. You can click on links to view their original webpages or leave comments under the links. Your histories can be shared with other site users who can also view the comments you leave on web links. A “My Activity” tab in your SiteSimon account keeps track of your activity on the site and the pages you visit.


1.> A user-friendly web service.
2.> Helps find interesting online content.
3.> Works through Google Chrome.
4.> Analyzes your interests through Chrome’s browsing history.
5.> Lets you leave comments on online content displayed.
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