Friday, 30 December 2011

HTC releases bootloader unlocker for its phones.

HTC is one of the few mobile manufacturers who're encouraging users to unlock their phones by the look of things. They’ve released a new bootloader unlocker that will allow users to unlock their bootloaders on their phones. The official post on HTC’s site mentions that phones released after September 2011 can be unlocked using this tool. There’s also a list of phones that are currently supported by the tool. There are more updates coming up in the future, which will allow more phones to be unlocked. There are reports that phones other than the ones mentioned by HTC can also be unlocked with this tool.

An official tool by HTC makes it much simpler to unlock phones than using a third-party application designed for a whole bunch of other devices. However, HTC has made it clear that your phone warranty will be void if you unlock it. Flashing a new firmware and unlocking phones can sometimes be risky. HTC also has made it clear that firmware upgrades over the air may not work. There are a whole bunch of devices supported from the HTC Sensation to even the HTC Flyer tablet. An unlocked phone opens up a variety of possibilities and choices for the user.

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