Thursday, 29 December 2011

Incapsula: Protect Your Site From Hackers & Bots By Routing Traffic Through Incapsula Cloud.

Websites are often targeted by hackers and bots. When these penetrate a site’s defenses, important data can be lost and even if you have made a backup, the site downtime can cost you a lot of valuable time. What you need is a method by which hackers and bots are never allowed access to your site. This method is provided by a service called Incapsula.

Incapsula is a web service that webmasters will surely appreciate. The service protects your website from unwanted traffic such as hackers and bots. Through a simple DNS switch, your website traffic is routed through the Incapsula cloud where unwanted traffic is blocked. Resultantly your site experiences faster loading times and better security. The service also offers analytics for your website, without affecting Google Analytics, if you have them already running. You can view various details such as the day’s visits, data, threats, etc. All the information is presented as figures and graphs in a visually appealing way.

Incapsula offers a free plan for websites with low traffic, and a business plan that supports SSL websites and provides faster load times, better security and account control with dedicated support. Customers with large scale traffic and number of sites or looking for a network and application level DDoS, can join the enterprise plan.


• A user-friendly web service
• A must-have for webmasters
• Protects your website from hackers and bots
• Routes your traffic and blocks unwanted traffic
• Does not affect Google Analytics data
• Potentially speeds up your website
• Presents site traffic and threat data graphically and statistically

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