Saturday, 31 December 2011

Microsoft to create an exclusive library of Windows Phone games?

Mobile games/apps are predicted to grow immensely next year. Microsoft doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned for its Windows Phone platform. It now decides on sprucing up the mobile platform for gaming. As tipped to WMPoweruser, the company is now setting up exclusive games for Windows Phone. This library of games may compel mobile gaming enthusiasts to buy Windows Phone devices. With the Xbox platform in its tow, it shouldn’t be tedious for Microsoft to achieve this.

Reportedly, some of these games by Microsoft are already in the making. Users are likely to expect one exclusive app per month. Apparently, the company will continue to get its key apps from iOS to Windows Phone 7. Obviously, the App Store is inundated with games and Windows Phone doesn’t even come anywhere closer. So, will Halo come around on the Windows Phone platform to woo mobile gamers? We are anxious what Microsoft plans to dish out, as it’s making every possible attempt to form a niche market for its mobile platform amidst competitors like Android and iOS.

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