Saturday, 31 December 2011

Lemon: Capture & Store All Your Receipts Online.

Mobile devices have made the tracking of expenses much easier. But even in this age of smartphones, many people still can’t get their daily finances in order. What we need is a dedicated app that will not only track your expenses but also capture and store online paper receipts so that everything has a tangible record. This is what Lemon does best.

Lemon is both a web app and a mobile app that captures receipts for you, done by sending your online receipts as an email to your Lemon account, or by snapping photos of paper receipts and saving them on the app. Lemon also helps figure out where your money goes by showing exactly how much you spent based on the receipts that you collected.

Since all your receipts are stored, you can easily backtrack, browse, and view specific receipts – handy if you need to return an item or write expense logs. This saves the trouble of fiddling through your messy wallet to find the receipt that you need.

Lemon is also a great companion app for paperless expense tracking – which not only reduces clutter, but saves trees too!


1.> Capture and store receipts for expense tracking.
2.> Use e-mail to save online receipts.
3.> Take a photo of paper receipt and save to your account.
4.> Provides expense reports based on receipts.
5.> Mobile app available on iOS and Android handsets.
6.> Free and easy to use.

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