Monday, 19 December 2011

Aakash tablet 'Sold Out' in less than week after launch.

Just this past week, Datawind went public with the launch of their 'Aakash' tablet and threw open their counters for the prebooking of the commercial version of the tablet - UbiSlate 7. Now, it so seems that the 'Aakash' tablet; also referred to as the world's most affordable tablet has been sold out on their site -

The tablet has been receiving overwhelming support from enthusiasts and the general public alike. India is now being credited for having built the world's most affordable tablet, with an impressive list of specifications for that price. In our previous report, which came out during the online launch, we mentioned that Datawind had put up as many as 30,000 units of the Aakash tablet for sale. Now, with these figures coming in, it is clear that the tablet is being readily lapped up by students and enterprising educators.

That being said, those waiting for the UbiSlate 7 can still go ahead and pre-order it.

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  1. Yes people are very enthusiastic about the tablet and it has got tousands of bookings. I think it is a very good tablet and is going to be very useful for school going kids but for professionals and college goers, I think the Intel Atom based netbooks are the best option as they are far better in terms of performance.