Saturday 31 December 2011

Intel to unveil GPU-less Sandy Bridge CPUs next year.

In an attempt to plug a few gaps in their product line-up or simple get rid of unused silicon, Intel plans on launching a couple of new Sandy Bridge CPUs without onboard graphics. These new CPUs include the Core i5-2550K, Core i5-2380P and Core i5-2450P and will be architecturally identical to the existing Core i5 CPUs. One feature that will be missing is VT-d that’s present on all non-K series Core i5 CPUs.

The new chips will in all probability be the parts where the GPU wasn’t working properly so rather than waste it, simply disable the GPU and sell it at a lower price. This does mean that you won’t be able to take advantage of Intel’s Quick Sync technology, but for those who don’t care about that, you could pick one of these models and in turn save a few bucks. The Core i5-2380P is clocked at 3.1GHz and a Turbo Boost (TB) frequency of 3.4GHz, same as the Core i5-2400. The Core i5-2450P is clocked about 100MHz slower than the Core i5-2500. which makes a bit of an odd ball. Finally, the Core i5-2550K is 100MHz faster than the existing Core i5-2500K.

We don’t have any of the approximate launch dates or pricing for these new models, just yet, but looking at the specifications, they’d better be cheaper.

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