Sunday 18 December 2011

Microsoft introduces new Hotmail features, updates Android app.

While many of us are busy using Gmail, those of us who still use Hotmail, every now and then have some things new to look forward to. Microsoft has launched a bunch of nifty little features on the free e-mail service. They’ve also updated their Android app . Some of them are to do with scheduled cleaning up of your inbox, so you don’t have to manually click on each e-mail and delete it; it can be done in a more systematic manner now. The One-click unsubscribe feature lets you quickly delete newsletters from your mailbox or block them in the future. This is handy if you have a habit of subscribing to many such newsletters and have found these clogging up your inbox. Then, there’s flagging, which lets you pick up important e-mails and place them prominently at the top of the list.

There’s one new feature, which reminds you, if you haven’t attached a file. There’s also the option to upload large files using Skydrive, a file hosting service by Microsoft. Some commonly performed tasks have also been made simpler. The instant action feature lets you customize these, so they can be performed really easily with a single click. Clearly, Microsoft hasn’t given up on Hotmail and they continue to pile on more features as time goes by. To learn more about these features, you can check out of the official blog post.

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