Friday 30 December 2011

Android 4.0 ‘ICS’ port available for Droid Bionic.

First Ice Cream Sandwich port for Motorola Droid Bionic is out. Based on CyanogenMOD 9, this ICS port is currently in Alpha, so you can expect number of bugs and unfinished hardware integration.

As of now, it seems like a quite nice build, with camera, 3G data and USB mounting being the only major hurdles in the way. Available for download now, it is still recommended only for advanced users, as developer is not going to provide any support if you mess up your Bionic.

Ics4Bionic Alpha Details:

Dev: Ics4Bionic
Base Version: Android 4.0.3_RC1
Working: Graphics, ADB, Touchscreen, Capacitive buttons, Charging indicator, Bluetooth, Both SD cards, Builtin Screenshot feature, Reboot menu, Phone, SMS, GPS, Audio, and 1X Data.
Not working: 3G/4G data, USB Mount support, Camera
You can grab the download and find the detailed installation instructions here.

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