Friday, 16 December 2011

Dell stops sale of Inspiron Mini netbooks.

Increasing popularity of tablets is finally taking a toll on the PC market. Netbooks were expected to be the most affected. There were rumours that many manufacturers such as Samsung were going to stop production of netbooks, altogether. Now, it appears Dell might be the first one to make the move. PCMag reported that Dell has pulled down all Inspiron Mini models from their site. They're holding a small clearance sale for their netbooks on the site, instead. Stocks are said to be limited. Dell hasn’t had a particularly great success in the tablets segment, either. The Dell Streak 5 and 7 models were discontinued. A source at Dell told PCMag that Dell was already slowly phasing out the netbook models. Dell had already stopped their 9-inch and 12-inch Inspiron Mini.

Dell seems to have discontinued the netbook line-up from India as well. There seems to be no mention of it in the product line-up. The 10-inch model shows up as being unavailable. 2012 is said to be the year when many manufacturers will cut down their netbook lineups or even stop them. Tablets are expected to make a big appearance. It’s rumoured that PC manufacturers are likely to build tablets based on Intel’s hardware and Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 platform.

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