Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Google planning to release Nexus tablet?

The Galaxy Nexus has just launched and now, there are chances that Google is working behind the scenes to produce the next-gen Nexus tablet. Well, we’re not too sure if they intend on planning to keep the same name for the tablet version, but Google Executive chairman Eric Schmidt revealed to an Italian newspaper Corriere della Sea that, “Noi nei prossimi sei mesi contiamo di mettere sul mercato un tablet di altissima qualità” which roughly translates to ‘Within the next six months, we plan to make a tablet of the highest quality’. As reported by Slashgear, that’s not all, Siri will face its match soon as well.

The report goes on to say that Schmidt praised Apple’s former CEO and co-founder for his part in making the tablet what it is today. He said that Steve Jobs was the present day Michelangelo, and that he had realized the revolutionary potential of the tablet and had created an amazing product in the form of the iPad. But he played it down by stating that their companies compete and it is capitalism.

All that was revealed was only the approximate arrival date of the tablet. No specs, features or any such details have been released but after seeing the Transformer Prime and its quad core superiority, we’re pretty much sure what to expect from the ‘Nexus tablet’ if it aims to beat the best. Naturally, the iPad also comes in direct competition, and with rumours that a new iPad is coming soon, competition between Apple and Google hots up even more.

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