Saturday, 17 December 2011

KeepRecipes: Capture & Clip Recipes From Different Websites.

Saving and sharing recipes has become part of the cooking and homemaking experience. If you are already savvy online, then you’ll find a great use for KeepRecipes. This tool helps you save recipes from various food websites and puts them all in your account, allowing you to reference these recipes if you need them later.

KeepRecipes works in the same way as Instapaper, offering tighter integration to food and recipe websites like AllRecipes, Epicurious, Blogher and more. Users can add friends and post their recipes for their friends to see. Your saved recipes can be shared using the equivalent iPhone app. Bookmarked recipes are organized based on diet, type of dish, meal, preparation style, by ingredients, and more.

KeepRecipes will also load recipes from purchased digital cookbooks. This way, whenever you find a cookbook that you like, you do not have to enter the recipes to the app manually, but instead click to purchase the book and load the recipes to your account.
KeepRecipes is one of the most elegant bookmarking and recipe discovery apps online. This app is certainly useful for kitchen buddies for saving, sharing, and discussing recipes online.


1.> Clip bookmarks like Instapaper.
2.> Google Reader for recipes.
3.> Click KeepRecipes button to save recipe to your account.
4.> iPhone app.
5.> Tastegraph lets you follow users whose recipes you like.
6.> Load paper cookbooks to digital versions.
7.> Save photos, share favorites.

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