Wednesday 7 August 2013

Twitter for Android and iOS get two-step verification

Twitter is rolling out updates to its Android and iOS applications with a better way to securely login to your accounts on your mobile devices. After introducing the two-step verification feature to Twitter on the web, the micro-blogging website is extending this feature to mobile apps as well.

Using the login verification you will be able to approve login requests straight from your mobile application. This might sound like the SMS based login verification system launched by Twitter around May, but the new system ensures that you do not need to rely on text messages anymore.

You will no longer need to provide your phone number to Twitter to use login verification. The app on your mobile phones will be enough to verify requests. Since Twitter will not need to depend on SMS and phone numbers to verify logins, this feature is now available broadly in countries across the world.

This feature will also let you generate backup codes and write it down, in case you misplace your phone. Using this backup code, you will be able to login to your account and won’t be locked out of it. The improved login verification will now also show you login requests that were made and approximate location of the applications. If the location shows up in a far off country, chances are, you’re a victim of a phishing attack.

To enable the login verification feature in your application, head on to the Me tab and open settings. Tap on Security – Android users, first click on your name – and then turn on login verification. Keep the generated backup code safely for times when you do not have your phone on you. You will now need to use the Twitter app on your phone each time you sign in to You can also manage all the login requests made from the applications.

Along with a huge tweak in the login verification system, there are new features for the Android and iOS app with this update. You will now be able to search better using the menu on both the applications, reflecting the feature’s introduction on the web version of Twitter. A new photo gallery has also been added to search. You will now be able to select the “View more photos” option during a search instead of having to swipe through thumbnails and select photos to view in zoom.

The iOS application specifically is getting the ability to view this photo gallery on user profiles, so you can see pictures from a user in one place. Additionally, you will be able to manage lists within the applications, along with an improved launch performance for the iOS app.

You can download Twitter for Android from the Play Store and Twitter for iOS from the App Store.

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