Sunday 11 August 2013

Tabs Outliner: Easily Manage The Tabs & Windows of Google Chrome

Google Chrome offers tabbed browsing which makes things very convenient for the user. However finding a tab when you have many tabs and windows of Chrome open can be difficult. Here to help you easily manage them is an extension called Tabs Outliner.

Tabs Outliner is a free to use browser tool for Google Chrome. The tool is basically a browser extension for Chrome that adds a new icon to Chrome’s address bar. The number on this indicates the total sum of tabs which you have currently opened in Chrome. You can click on the icon and the extension’s window will appear; here you will see all tabs opened in each Chrome window. You can double click on a tab to bring it in view. The cross mark next to a tab shuts it down but keeps its view in the tree for you to quickly double click and reopen it; the trash can button closes the tab and removes it from the tree too. Such easy functioning makes tab and window management very convenient.


  • A user-friendly browser extension.
  • Compatible with Google Chrome.
  • Lets you manage windows and tabs.
  • Shows open tabs in a tree structure.

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