Friday 9 August 2013

Google Play Music All Access comes to Europe

Shortly after making its new music-streaming service Play Music All Access live in Australia and New Zealand, Google has now rolled it out in several European countries. The service is now live in a total of nine European countries including Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain and United Kingdom.

Like the launch in US, European users will also be getting discounted pricing of €7.99 (£7.99 in the UK) per month if they sign-up for Google Play Music All Access before September 15. The normal monthly charges of Play Music All Access are €9.99 (£9.99 in UK).

To remind you, Google Play Music All Access lets you listen to millions of songs across your devices. You can create a radio station from any song or artist you love, browse recommendations from Google’s music team or explore by genre. Google Play Music also lets you combine Google’s collection with your own collection.

European users can access Google Play Music All Access at on web or via the Google Play Music Android app.

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