Saturday 10 August 2013

Alleged LG tablet pops up at Bluetooth SIG

We have been hearing about LG’s upcoming Android tablet for quite some time now. The tablet has now seemingly appeared on Bluetooth SIG website, giving some credibility to its existence. As the Bluetooth SIG listing just carries model numbers, there is no way to be certain if this is indeed the rumoured tablet, however some clever sleuthing by blogosphere suggests that it might turn out to be the LG tablet.

Apparently, LG had used model number LG-V900 for the original Optimus Pad and the new tablet’s model numbers LG-V500 and LG-V507L falls in same numbering scheme. Also, normally LG smartphones tend to carry LG 3G Mobile Phone/LG GSM Mobile Phone/LG LTE Mobile Phone as the product description in Bluetooth SIG but the LG-V500’s description is just LG Mobile Device, further suggesting to be a tablet.

There are no many details available at this point but the software version mentioned in the Bluetooth SIG listing suggests that the tablet might be packing Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 Pro or 600 quad-core processor.

We are actively tracking the story and will update the post if anything new pops up.

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