Sunday 11 August 2013

Alarmed: A Full Featured All-in-One Alarm [iOS 4.0+]

Believe it or not, but there are plenty of people working long hours trying to figure out the best way to wake you up or otherwise notify you of something important. We’ve covered numerous alarms at MakeUseOf, but Alarmed, an app for iOS devices, has some unique features of its own which may interest a number of people.

Alarmed isn’t just an alarm app; it tried to help remind you of important items during the day. You can set up pop-up reminders which can have repeat scheduling, snooze of various lengths, and other features such as NagMe and DayMinders. Pop-up timers can contain custom messages, the choice between countdown and countup, and the ability to pause your timer. From within Alarmed, you can also enable the use of iTunes playlists and other built-in melodies, with sleep timers, sound fade-in, and a fullscreen clock panel. There is also plenty choice when it comes to the built in melodies: there are over 80 in total that you can choose from.


  • Pop-up reminders with scheduling, various snooze, and other advanced modes.
  • Pop-up timers with countup/countdown and pause.
  • Use of iTunes playlists, sleep timers, sound fade-in, and clock panel.
  • 80+ built-in sounds to choose from.

Check it out @ the Apple App Store

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