Friday 9 August 2013

Active Fitness app arrives exclusively for Nokia Lumia devices

Nokia releases the Active fitness app with tracking, sharing and training plans features for the Windows Phone 8 based Lumia devices.

Nokia has formally added yet another feather to its hat of Lumia exclusive mobile app in the form of Active Fitness application. This new app is meant for anyone interested in fitness. Active Fitness app offers almost all features offered in other popular health apps. The new Active Fitness app also features Near Field Communication support to let the user connect with a friend and share information.

Based on the Freemuim model, the Active Fitness app allows tracking the different activities without consuming extra battery life. Users can keep the track of their runs and other activities which can be later shared over to contacts, friends and social network.

Users can enjoy the Training Plans for staying organised and be motivated with the automated progress tracking. The app also offers Speech and Voice support. This app also works without Connection and even offline.

NFC support can let two users connect with friends and other users to compete over the points at the leaderboards.

Get the Active Fitness app only for the Nokia Lumia devices Windows Phone store.

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