Tuesday 6 November 2012

USB Disk Manager: Protect Your USB Disk & Computer From Viruses

People who use USB disks often realise that they are a potential risk when it comes to transmitting viruses from one computer to another. Many computer viruses will try to install themselves onto the USB disk automatically, where they’ll be carried to the next computer in time. This can be stopped by controlling the file protection rights of your USB disk, but most people find that too time consuming to use as a solution.

USB Disk Manager is a Windows program designed to make USB file protection quick and easy, so you will be less likely to contract and spread viruses via your USB key. Every control you need to protect your disk is accessible in a couple of clicks.

USBs can be disabled for read/write access before they’re connected and Autoplay can be switched off easily, both of which keeps viruses from automatically transferring to and from the computer as soon as the disk is connected.


  • Write Protection of USB Disks.
  • File Execution Control.
  • Disable USB Disks.
  • Disable Autorun and Autoplay.
  • Auto Copy to USB Disks.

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