Tuesday 6 November 2012

Opera12.10 released, offers more support for extensions

Opera has launched the final version of Opera 12.10, with improved extensions. Opera's Speed Dial allows for easy overview of sites and shortcuts. Your Facebook pictures can appear in the Speed Dial entry for Facebook, the chosen entry from Pinterest appears automatically, and the weather forecast is always present without even browsing to the weather website.

Here's how extensions can improve your browsing experience:
Keep up with the feeds from Facebook and Twitter, with the new and improved Facebook and Twitter Speed Dial extensions.

Share your Pinterest pictures right in your Speed Dial or video via StumbleUpon.
An extension such as Readability, which focuses on text, and not all the pretty pictures accompanying it, can save you a lot of time. To read it later, send the text to your Kindle or put it in the to-read list. With Gmail and Google Calendar extensions right in your Speed Dial, you'll be able check email without typing a single address in the address bar.
Keep track of the latest weather updates, sports scores, and news on handy entry in the Speed Dial, to get the news delivered directly to you. No surfing is necessary. Install the StumbleUpon Speed Dial extension.

In addition to the new extensions, Opera 12.10 now lets web developers enrich a user's web experience. By introducing the Context API, web developers can let the context menu (what most people call the right-click menu) get extended usability; for example, start a Tweet by right-clicking a link. The Resource Loader API lets web developers have their extensions interact with advanced CSS and JavaScript on webpages. To quote an example, the extension could be used for functionality such as replacing all pictures on a site with cat pictures.

As per an official statement by Opera, in the final release, you'll find increased support for Macs. Opera 12.10 now supports features such as Notification Center in the newest version of MacOS X and support for the Retina Screen in newer Macs. It also has built-in support for the SPDY protocol to improve and secure connections. Gmail and Twitter have already started using SPDY to supplement the HTTP protocol.

The WebSocket API is supported and turned on by default in Opera 12.10. Opera now also supports ICC colour profiles and colour management. The browser also offers basic touch support for Opera in Windows 8 classic.

Download the final version of Opera 12.10 from the official website.

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