Saturday 10 September 2011

Samsung Prepares To Launch Windows 8 Tablet

samsung has collaborated with Microsoft in an effort to launch a tablet running Windows 8. The tablet will be unveiled at Microsoft's BUILD developers' conference in California next week, between 13 and 16 September.

According to a report published in the Korean Economic Daily, "This new product manufactured by Samsung will be the company's first collaboration with Microsoft in its hardware devices".

Samsung is currently fighting a losing legal battle against its main tablet competitor, Apple, which has succeeded in in Australia, and is now aiming for the same in Japan. It seems that the Korean giant is looking for an alternative OS for its upcoming tablets, and hence has decided to shift from Google's Android to Windows 8, the upcoming version of Microsoft's desktop operating system. Following a tile design similar to that of Windows Phone 7, this new OS is going to focus more on multi-touch input than its predecessor, making it ideal to run on tablets.

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