Saturday 17 September 2011

Apple issues an update for the Mac App Store

The Mac App Store comes across as a nifty app for downloading apps to your Apple MacBooks, Mac Minis or iMacs. One has the choice of apps from various categories and it is one-stop-shop for almost all Mac-based software. However, there are some limitations that go along with the Mac App Store, for instance, if one purchases an app from an online retailer and they would also like to receive the benefits of downloading from the App Store; they would have to purchase the app for a second time.

According to a report by Macworld, Apple has now put up a warning in the Mac App Store to let users know that they have already installed the app. However, to access all the benefits of the Mac App Store, one would have to purchase the App again. This means that even though there is a warning, it does not serve any purpose as one would have to re-purchase the software to access the perks of a store-bought software. However, people who are new to the Mac OS may definitely find this prompt useful. Let us know your thoughts on this update by Apple to the Mac App Store in the comments below.

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