Tuesday 27 September 2011

Sharp dip in rupee; dollar exchange value to swell PC prices

In the backdrop of falling value in currencies of other Asian countries, the exchange value of the rupee against the dollar took a beating. The effects of a lower exchange value is already being witnessed now. According to a report that appeared in The Times of India, prices of the personal computer are set to increase, since manufacturers are finding it difficult to withstand rising input costs.

The PC market in India relies heavily on the imports of hardware components like hard drives, displays, among others. With the value of the Indian currency steadily falling, costlier imports are gripping the PC business. In such a situation, the most likely next move would be to increase the costs of personal computers altogether. However, according to the report, the IT hardware industry body MAIT President Alok Bharadwaj stated, "the decision to absorb the cost or pass it to the cosumers depends entirely on the companies." Reportedly, one of the computer manufacturers, HCL Infosystems, as per the report, agreed to the decision of increasing the rates of the PC.

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