Tuesday 20 September 2011

Amazon Appstore now opens in India

Android users in India can rejoice now, as alongwith the Android Market users have another store from where they can download and purchase apps – the Amazon Appstore. Previously, the Amazon Appstore was available for Android users located only in the United States and the bar at the top of the page suggests the same. Amazon seems to have silently made the Appstore available to users in other countries, including Netherlands and Australia.

The report states that one does not require any tweaks to the device or any address change to access the Appstore. To download free apps from Android apps from Amazon, all one has to do is visit http://www.amazon.com/app-email from their Android device, download the Android Appstore app and then login using their Amazon identification.

The Amazon Appstore started in March 2011 and applications for Android-powered devices that can be downloaded from it are either free or purchasable. The Appstore includes a ‘free app a day’ feature where everyday an application or a game can be downloaded for free. Let us know your reactions about the Amazon Appstore being made available in India in the comments below.

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