Saturday 17 September 2011

Google Chrome 14 unveiled

Google has started updating stable Chrome builds to version 14, as of today. Apart from bug fixes, there are two new additions that Google is adding to its browser. These include the Web Audio API, which allows developers to add special effects to audio using just the browser. If you have the latest version of Chrome running, you can check out some of these effects in action here. The other major addition to the browser is something called Native Client, which basically lets developers run C and C++ code within the browser. As of now, apps that use this will only be available on the Chrome Store, but Google hopes to remove this limitation soon.

If you’re a Chrome user, you should see this take effect soon. Click on the About Google Chrome under the Settings button, and it should start downloading and installing the update. The update is also available to Mac users. Lion users can now use Chrome in full screen, as well as the overlay scrollbars that appear when you start scrolling. There are also some cosmetic changes that have been made to the browser. Google Chrome has been seeing a very healthy growth in popularity, as well as market share amongst desktop browsers.

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