Saturday 17 September 2011

Automatically Wish Your Friends Happy Birthday with a Chrome Extension

My birthday is one of my favorite holidays. I celebrate all night long (or sometimes, all week long) with friends and family. Facebook makes users’ birthdays extra special, as other Facebook users are notified of their friends’ birthdays every day on the home page of Facebook. Usually, this prompts friends to post a birthday greeting on their wall. While many Facebook users are seemingly religious about wishing all of their friends a happy birthday on their birthdays, users with hundreds of friends — or who are just busy — may not remember to wish their friends a happy birthday on Faceobook.

A new extension for Chrome can help facilitate the process of posting a birthday greeting on a Facebook friend’s wall. The extension, called HappyBirthday, (creative, I know) is easy to download and install. Then, you can connect your Facebook account and forget about it. The extension will automatically send out one of several pre-defined birthday greetings to Facebook friends with birthdays, which will make you look like a great friend to each and every Facebook friend, regardless of how close you are or how well you know each other.

The problem with the HappyBirthday extension is that any replies to the Facebook post generated for your birthday friend’s wall will not trigger a notification on Facebook or even a notification email, unlike all other organic wall posts. This means that while you can sit back and forget about posting birthday greetings with the HappyBirthday extension, you will need to proactively check your friends’ walls to see if they commented on the wall post. Otherwise, you’ll end up looking like a total jerk.

In the end, its probably best to make an effort to organically wish your friends happy birthday on Facebook, if you do it at all. Not only will you ensure that every friend doesn’t receive the same generic birthday greeting, but you will also be notified of any replies to your post. Unless you are maxed out on friends on Facebook, posting a few birthday greetings on Facebook every day will not take much time, and if it seemingly does, you likely have more important things to worry about than wishing long-lost high school friends “a good one.”

Try out the HappyBirthday extension for yourself by downloading it from the Chrome Store, and be sure to let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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