Monday 26 September 2011

BSNL Launches 100 Mbps Internet.

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), the state-run telecom, has announced its fastest ever internet offering to the general public with speeds rated at an astounding 100 Mbps! Based on "fibre to the home" or FTTH, this service has been rolled out in Pune, and will be made available to around 100 customers in the city in the next three months. As you may know, Pune has always been the city where pilots of such projects have been launched, and it is only after a good deal of testing that they are launched elsewhere.

BSNL Pune Principal General Manager, VK Mahendra said,"A couple of connections were activated in the city in the last few months on a pilot basis. After studying its performance, the BSNL has decided to float the services on a commercial basis. The FTTH service will be provided through optical fibre cables using the 'gigabit-capable passive optical network' (GPON). This will enable high speed downloading and uploading. Hence, customers will get speed in addition to the existing broadband. The BSNL is looking at high-end customers who require high-speed internet".

BSNL has identified the locations of areas and buildings with an optical fibre network already in place in Pune, where this new service will be introduced. The telecom operator will also hold talks with city builders to make provisions to easily introduce this service in their new building projects by laying an optical fibre network right at the inception. Additionally, BSNL telephone exchanges will be upgraded to be able to provide FTTH service.

Being one of the least expensive broadband service providers with an unmatched reach and a very low downtime, BSNL claims to control around 80% share in the broadband service. Introduction of such high speed networks will no doubt increase its popularity further.

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