Monday 19 September 2011

Move2Picasa: Easily Move Facebook Photos To Picasa

If you are planning to move your Facebook photos to Picasa, especially after the Google+ launch (it uses Picasa to shows off your photos) then Move2Picasa is a service that can automate that process for you. You can connect to your Facebook account with this service and get all your photos transferred. It won’t copy details like comments, tags and captions though. You cannot choose what photos to transfer (it does them all at once) and you also may have to wait for hours if you have a huge number of photos in Facebook. Despite all this, Move2Picasa is much better than a manual transfer.

At the time of writing this post, the developers behind this service were moving servers because they have been experiencing heavy traffic in the last few days. So just bookmark it and visit it later when it is up. The service should be up by the time you read this article.


1.> Move photos in bulk from Facebook to Picasa.
2.> Cannot choose the photos to move.

Visit Move2Picasa from here @

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