Tuesday 27 September 2011

Outloud: Share Music With Friends In Real Time.

Lots of tools let you share music with friends via emails, links, drop boxes and what not. Outloud takes it to a level further by letting you share music in real time, which means that your friends will listen to exactly what you are listening to at the same time.

To start, sign in with Twitter or Facebook and create a temporary room for your session. You will get a URL like http://outloud.fm/abc that you can give out to anybody you want. Then just drag and drop music files to start playing them. You can also chat with your friends at the same time, put your music files in a queue and see a history of what played when.


1.> Share music in real time.
2.> Chat with friends while listening to the same music.
3.> Add music to queue or see a history of playlist.
4.> No registration required, sign in with Twitter or Facebook.

Visit Outloud from here @ www.outloud.fm

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