Friday 30 September 2011

FindPeopleOnPlus: Google Plus User Directory.

Find People on Plus is an online directory of Google Plus users. You can search people by name, location, etc and it will show the link to the Google Plus profile if they have it in their index. It shows people on Google Plus who are near you, and most followed Google Plus users on the right. On the left, it has filters like gender, relationship, number of followers and following, occupation, country, state etc. So, a quick glance over the left sidebar gives you a comprehensive demographic data of Google Plus users.

The site looks good no doubt but isn’t perfect. I tried my name and it popped up the Google Plus profile of a friend of mine. However, the developers were quick to contact me on Twitter mentioning that they’ll release a larger index of Google Plus users soon.


1.> Online directory of people on Google Plus.
2.> Provides demographic data on Google Plus users.
3.> Check out Find People On Plus from here @

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