Monday 19 September 2011

How to Create a Personal Web Page in 10 Minutes

Blogs can be complicated and a pain to keep up to date, and setting up an entire Web site can cost thousands of Rupees. Sure, you might have a Facebook account, but you don’t want the entire world seeing pictures of your personal life, and after switching jobs a few times, your LinkedIn profile is becoming slightly tl;dr (too long; didn’t read). If you want a simple way to create a presence on the Internet where friends, family, and business contacts can get to know you quickly, you can instead create a personal Web page in 10 minutes or less.

These Web pages, also known as profiles or splash pages, can be made for free using a service like or With these services, you simply sign up, upload a picture for the background, and add a short blurb about yourself. If you’re unemployed and looking for a job, this is an ideal way to state your availability and expertise. You can also easily connect to a plethora of other social services, which can turn your Web page into a social network hub. For an additional cost, these services allow users to direct others to the Web page via a custom URL, such a personal domain. Upgrading the services also unlocks some additional layouts and options for customization.

Once you have set up your personal Web page, which will only take 10 minutes or less, you can then direct friends, family, and business contacts to your profile. even helps facilitate this feature by offering free business cards to its users, which come complete with your URL and a QR code for direct access to your profile. (You can always order your own business cards with this same information, too.) While your personal Web page will not be a complete resume, you can use the features of these services to direct potential employers to your resume, as well as direct other types of visitors to your page to more relevant destinations.

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