Saturday 17 September 2011

How to Find People on Google+

Google+ is one of the most promising new social networks, with over 25 million users already signed up. Though it hasn’t quite caught on with mainstream society, it can be an incredibly beneficial way to read the latest and breaking news, especially related to technology and social media. One of the key features still missing within Google+ is the ability to find other Google+ users by specific interests, titles, or keywords.

Several Web sites (not affiliated with Google) have emerged to fill this void and help users new to Google+ find other users. Find People on Plus is one of the best ways to find specific types of users on Google+, and as over 16 million Google+ users are indexed, you’re likely to find the types of people you’re looking for. Find People on Plus also features Twitter2Plus, which can help Twitter users find those they follow on Google+. This does lead to the question of whether Google+ will end up duplicating other social networks unnecessarily — especially as it’s difficult to manage multiple social networks throughout the day. However, if you’re looking to find specific types of Google users, such as former classmates or those living nearby, this tool can be essential in building a useful network on Goolge+. It could also lend itself to my previous theory that Google+ could be easily used as a dating network, as you can also search marital status and other lifestyle factors, but I’ll leave that for you to decide.

Another great directory of users on Google+ is Women of G+. This directory is designed to “discover brilliant women using Google+.” For those looking to find the women leading companies in tech, marketing, social media, and other industries, Women of G+ can be useful to not only find these individuals but learn more about what they do and their history with social networks. Additionally, you can read thoughts about Google+ from the women profiled on Women of G+, which could spark some interesting conversation from a perspective you may not be familiar with. Women of G+ is updated often and features dozens of women using Google+.

Third-party directories of Google+ users are a great way to find specific types of people, or discover new ideas. Of course, if you already know who you want to find on Google+, you can use its own search features.

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