Monday 26 September 2011

Now, know who defriended you on Facebook

Facebook, at its f8 conference, which recently concluded, unveiled a slew of features. Among those unveiled, the Timeline feature did manage to grab a lot of eyeballs, and understandably so. Facebook had just decided to change the way Facebook would appear to its 750 million users. However, what did manage to conceal itself well, till now is an application on Facebook that would subtly tell you who just removed you from their friend list. This new feature will largely be a part of Facebook’s existing Timeline feature. The Timeline feature, as mentioned in our previous reports present the user with a chronological, picturesque representation of the activities of those on their friends list, and themselves.

While much has already been spoken about this new feature on Facebook, the feature itself will not go live until September 29. While this new feature promises some shocking moments when you see that your 'sweet talker' friend, defriended you!, if you're finding the September 29th, 2011 date difficult to wait for to check this new feature out, you can, like many others test drive the update. According to a Fox News report, users can enter the developer website, and create an app. On gaining entry, you will be able to check your friends list, and your 'not-on-your-friend-list-anymore' contacts, too.

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