Wednesday 21 September 2011

Google+Tweet: Tweet From Within Your Google+

Google+ is the hottest new thing right now when it comes to social networks, and tools like this make it even better. Google+Tweet lets you manage your Twitter account from your Google+ by integrating the two. Once you install the Twitter client, a new tab appears before your home tab in Google+.

It allows you to update your status on Twitter, see your timeline, share URLs and even photos. You can set it to refresh every few minutes and choose to add location to your tweets. All you have to do is sign into your Twitter account once and authorize third-party use. The developer promises that soon the client will also allow to see @mentions and direct messages.


1.> A Twitter client for Google+.
2.> View timeline, share updates including links and photos.
3.> Set to auto-refresh every few minutes.
4.> Choose to add/remove location from your tweets.

Download Google+Tweet from here @

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