Wednesday 28 September 2011

Apple: ‘Let’s talk iPhone’ on October 4th.

we have heard rumours and speculations about Apple hosting a media event on the 4th of October 2011. These rumblings have just turned true with Apple officially sending a cryptic invite to select media houses with a tag line that reads ‘Let’s talk iPhone.’ This is the first indication dropped by Apple about an iPhone being announced. The media invite is a mash-up of popular iPhone widgets showing the day, time, location as well as a call icon.

There is no word on whether Apple will be releasing two new iPhones this year or just the next generation iPhone 5. A report by CNET indicates that in all probability Apple would stick to their tradition and release just a single handset as the call icon just displays a single missed call. However, we may be in for a surprise next Tuesday with Apple announcing two iPhones. The report goes on to mention that a Vietnamese website Tinhte has shown a screenshot of a white plastic iPhone 4. Apple are rumoured to be releasing two phones this year, one being the iPhone 5 that features an all new design and an iPhone 4S which is said to be a base model that is similar looking to the iPhone 4 but with better specifications.

In related Apple iPhone 5 news, the next handset will feature a voice controlled system called Assistant. This new feature will allow people to use their voice to enable the phone to do various tasks. These voice controlled tasks are said to include telling the phone to make calls, send text messages, etc. This ability makes the iPhone quite interactive. However, all these as of now are just speculations and rumours.We'll have to just wait and watch to see what new CEO Tim Cook announces this coming Tuesday.

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