Friday 16 September 2011

Google's updated Goggles

In their official blogpost Google has revealed that one of its popular applications, Google Goggles has just got an update. Available on the Android Market for download, Goggles 1.6 essentially looks at enhancing the camera on your Android-based smartphone, after a quick installation. Once downloaded, the application pairs itself with your smartphone's camera, and you're ready to go. The application works actively in the background, and when an image is captured it begins analyzing it. If the photo captured contains locations, objects or any trait, recognizable by the application, it will automatically notify you.

Vacationers will love this the most, especially if their smartphone becomes their primary camera. The Goggles application can identify elements like landmarks, paintings or interesting objects, and these can then be shared with friends straight from the application's search history. Photos taken form the phone's camera will be seen by Goggles only if the Search from Camera feature had been enabled by you. To do this launch Google Goggles > tap Menu > Settings > Search from Camera.

The application works on Android-based smartphones with v2.1 and above, and can be downloaded here.

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