Wednesday 21 September 2011

Facebook notifications to show important updates first.

According to an official blogpost, the popular social networking platform has rolled out yet another interesting update. Beginning from today, Facebook will spare you the task of having to sift through what's relevant from the hordes of other 'unimportant' notifications. For most of us, Facebook-ing is more of a habit, and on an average most of us check our Facebook accounts at least twice or thrice a day, if not more. Some, however, manage to just glance at their accounts that too infrequently. Either ways, users wish to see what's relevant at the first glance, instead of having to dig into their notification list, which seems endless.

Rolling it out step-by-step, Facebook's News Feed, it states, will "act more like a personal newspaper", whereby all that's important and relevant would take a prominent position in the view of the user. Presented to the user in a single stream, Facebook will place the most important bits of updates at the top. All the latest and important additions will be placed under the 'Top Stories' header, easily identifiable by a blue-coloured icon in the corner.

Also, image viewing on Facebook has reportedly got enhanced, too. While scrolling down through your Home page, you'll notice that the photo sizes are much larger than usual, drawing immediate attention.

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