Friday 16 September 2011

How to Rearrange the Facebook for iPhone Homescreen

Owners of an iPhone know that one of its best features is the ability to completely customize the arrangement of apps on the iPhone homescreen. On the iPhone, apps can be dragged and dropped into the dock, spread out among multiple screens, or stored into folders. iPhone owners who also have the native Facebook app (which is pretty much everyone) may not know that this same functionality exists for the homescreen of the Facebook app.

When you open the native Facebook app for the iPhone, users see nine main icons, with a second — usually notes — on a second page. You may not have even realized that there is a second page, but as you can swype between homescreens on your iPhone, you can swype to a second homescreen on the Facebook app. By default, your Facebook notes are on the second screen by using the same method to rearrange icons that you do on the homescreen of your iPhone, you can move some or most of these icons to the second page.

Yes, you can drag and drop the icons on the Facebook app homescreen just like you do on your iPhone. Simply tap and hold any of the icons — such as Places, Chat, or Friends — and like on the iPhone homescreens, these icons will begin to shake. You can then rearrange the icons or move them to another page. For those who use Facebook primarily to check friends’ profiles or read the news feed, you may not want a cluttered home screen filled with features of Facebook you don’t use.

Be sure that after you finish rearranging your Facebook app for iPhone home screen you click “done” and not the home button of your iPhone. Instinctively you may want to do this (as do I), but your Facebook icons will stay in rearrange mode on Facebook until you open the app back up and click “done.”

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