Thursday 22 September 2011

Five Things to Do Instead of Complaining About the New Facebook

Facebook has changed. There are new features designed to make your experience better. Yes — it is different from the Facebook you are used to using, and it requires you to understand how to use Facebook a little differently. No, Facebook wasn’t “broken” and nothing needed to be fixed, but there is something to be said for making improvements for a better experience. Just because the appliances and cabinets in your house function just fine, you may want to upgrade them to something better. The new features on Facebook are no different.

For those of you who have spent the last 12 hours of your life complaining about Facebook — even on social networks that aren’t Facebook — you can likely find something better to do instead of wasting your time posting passive aggressive updates that are only getting lost in the echo chamber of other complaints. Here are five things you can do instead of complaining about Facebook:

Install a Chrome Extension like the Facebook Ticker Remover for the Chrome browser, to remove the ticker from your Facebook homepage. If you find the ticker annoying and/or obtrusive, this is one of the best solutions, at least until Facebook offers an option to remove it via the platform itself.

Read the news and share stories about events happening around the world that actually have an impact in your life or the people around you. I know it’s shocking, but there is more to life than Facebook.

Use a different social network if you hate the design of Facebook so much you can’t bear to log in again. Consider updating your profile on LinkedIn, starting a blog, interacting with your followers on Twitter, or venture over to Google+ where hating Facebook seems to be a requirement for joining the network.

File a formal complaint about the new homepage and news feed with Facebook. They are undoubtedly aware of the sentiment around the new design of the homepage, but use your voice to make sure Facebook knows exactly your thoughts, and any suggestions you may have.

Turn off your damned computer and get some work done, grab some coffee, take a walk, or actually hang out with your friends — offline, in the real world. (I know — that last suggestion is quite a crazy idea.)

What is your reaction to the new changes to Facebook? Let us know how you’re handling the changes in the comments.

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