Friday 16 September 2011

Mac OS X Lion Ultimatum – Just a theme or a new OS for the iPhone?

Ajailbroken device allows users to achieve endless possibilities with their Devices. Users get the freedom to install free softwares, apps and the ultimate personalization ability – themes. Themes have never been very favorable with Apple, as they have given users the ability to just change the wallpapers of their iPhones, since its inception. However, when Apple devices started getting jailbroken, since the first generation iPhone, one was allowed to customize their phone by changing widgets, docks, screen layouts, etc. However, a forum member of Modmyi, Timothy, has taken themes to a whole new level and modified it in such a way that it works like a fully functional Mac OS X Lion OS.

The theme is still in its beta stage, but has the look and feel of Apple’s latest OS for their desktops and computers. Here are the highlighted features of the OS X Lion Ultimatum theme, so far:

1.> Fully functional and accurate finder bars, windows and menus
2.> Launchpad – Tap in the dock to remove open windows and helps display all apps at once.
3.> It also features working page indicators.
4.> Stacks – One can quickly access all their favorite apps by just a single tap
5.> Scrollable dock – Docks is scrollable and has the ability to add multiple apps.
6.> Draggable windows – One can position the windows as they desire on the screen
7.> Mission Control – Quickly access any widgets or view all open windows
8.> Functional dashboard – The iOS theme it is fully functional like Mac OS X

Even though this is a beta version, the developer is offering one the ability to purchase the theme by donating $3.50 (Rs. 168) through PayPal. Note: This theme is only for those who have jailbroken iPhones and iPod Touch models. To know more about this theme, click the link here.

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